Testimonials of Bay Area Estate Sales and Services in Largo, Florida

My sister died recently and had no spouse and no children so cleaning out her estate and handling her unorganized paperwork was left to me. Working a full time job and preparing my daughter for college left me with little time to spend cleaning out my sisters estate. Dave came as a referral and was a blessing in the middle of the chaotic mess. He was friendly, trustworthy, honest, and easy to work with. He kept open communication throughout the entire process and had her apartment and garage cleaned out earlier than expected. Working with Dave was the easiest and least stressful part of handling my sisters estate and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to others. 

Jeanne Blymier

I just recently started working with Dave. I have been extremely pleased! I can count on Dave to be there when he says he will be and the job gets done! I have had to call him to a quick clean out for closing that was going to happen the next day but the sellers son didn't get all the stuff out. Dave immediately jumped on the job and had it cleaned out first thing the next day and we were able to close on time. He is very accommodating and is great to work with. I have used Dave now on several jobs in just a few weeks and he has done a great job every time. Thank you Dave for all that you do!

Michelle Cline - Remax Realtor

I have known Dave Simpson approximately two years and have worked extensively with him over that time. I am a professional guardian and often have a clients personal belongs, vehicles and furniture to dispose of. I am obligated by the courts to get the best value for their property and file reports to that affect. Dave has always had my clients best interest at heart and It reflects in my reports to the court. I would highly recommend  Dave to any of my fellow guardians or any one who is in need of his services.

Sincerely, Eugene Chisler. Professional Guardian

I have been a Professional Legal Guardian for over 25 years, and during that time, I have had the pleasure to work with Dave Simpson in a professional capacity for close to 20 of those years. In the past he was associated with Creative Services in his capacity as a personal property appraiser and liquidator. Now that he has his own business, I am thrilled to use his services exclusively. Dave's work ethic, honesty and integrity are above reproach. His work is well respected and I would gladly recommend him to anyone requiring an appraiser or liquidator. You can truly trust him with his prompt attention to every detail.

Alison A Carpenter, R.G., Professional Legal Guardian

I work for a large national trust company. One of the things that I'm involved in is cleaning out the personal property before the house can be sold. I've worked with Dave Simpson for seven years. Dave is not afraid of even the worst project. Does a great job. Gets our clients the most money possible. I have so much respect for his work that I use him on my own personal property. 

Michele Charlet