Public and Private Estate Sales in Tampa Bay Florida

Here at Bay Area Estate Sales & Services in Largo, we specialize in estate sales, with 20 years of experience in every situation imaginable. Here are your three estate sales options.


An on - site estate sale is done inside the residence and open to the public. We set up tables and display all items which are individually priced. We remove all trash and unsellable items from the home. We place an ad on Craig's list, post it on our website and facebook, and place signs throughout the neighborhood. The estate sale is conducted over a 2-day period.


This option is mainly used for condos or residences where on site sales are not permitted or parking is not sufficient. In some cases families prefer not to have a public sale in the home. We remove trash and unsellable items and then proceed to meet people in the home on a one-on-one basis. Having been in the antique and estate sale business 20 years, we know the best buyers to call. We have antique dealers as well as private collectors to insure we sell your belongings for the best price possible.

Sell For One Price

Some people prefer just to get an offer for the entire estate. In this case we can make you an offer to purchase the contents and empty the residence.